Cotton On Body X Bali Body Influencer Trip

This is an event I did some work on for Cotton on Body when I was freelancing for them in 2018. The PR team gave me their schedule and locations of where they were spending time on this trip. And I came up with some concepting of element ideas Including the large letters by the pool and the table setting, with the acrylic messaging, tropical leafs and coasters with matching pattern to their swimwear print for instagram moments.


Winter Workshop - Collins Square

Flat Lay with Bonnie Kay Workshop. I always love doing workshops sharing knowledge and tips on how to create flatlays. So when the team at Collins Square asked me to do an hour and a half long workshop on creating the perfect flatlay, I went and sourced some amazing stationary, craft and gifting items, as you cant go wrong with these items in flat lay form, Created a stationary grazing table for my attendees and we had a great morning.



Anzac Day 2018 - Collins Square

The marketing team at Collins Square wanted to create an installation that will pay tribute to Anzac Day and the days prior where the Anzac pins would be sold in this vicinity. The only request was the client had some existing fake poppies they would like incorporated into the design.
I loved the idea of having oversized paper poppies, created by paper Artist Amanda May Lee (she is amaze!) I also loved the idea of individual podiums but in a grid formation for the badge seller to walk around the space, Also to create a statement installation.

Cotton On Kids PR Christmas launch Nov '17

Conceited the event space and executed 5 different stations that created the elf workshop vibe for the guests.
Sydney’s best mums and their children were organised by the PR team at Cotton On Kids. The workshop ran for two hours and the brief was to achieve an elf workshop with fun activities that ties into Cotton On Kids christmas photographic campaign (which I prop styled) and have all the successful parts of an event, catering, gift bags, music and instagrammable moments.

The different workshop stations included;
Colouring station!
- This was right at the entrance, for the little guests before they move on to the glitter station.
Glitter station!
- Where we had elves sequin-fying to add a bit of elf magic to all of our guests.
Snack station!
- This is where our little guests could create their own glitter donuts & the parents could treat themselves to a brunch snack table.
Creation station!
- Where you could make your own bon bons, baubles with sequins, confetti, pipe cleaners and little treats to put inside.
Product Station!
- This was where our little elves could enjoy and get a super sneak peek of the upcoming range of christmas clothing, accessories
and of course, TOYS! Cotton On Kids are very well known for their awesome christmas ranging of gifts!

Along with the stations, we had a new take on a media wall, which was our set from the christmas campaign. A modern christmas tree corner which stored our gift sacks and beautiful attention to detail with floor vinyl placed around the venue to add as a navigational tool for our guests and an instagrammable moment (which I am all about! )

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 9.50.22 PM.png

The Little Runway 2018 - as Featured on Yummy Mummys Season 2

The Little Runway is a not for profit event that is produced and organised by the owner of Ikonic Kids. Who happens to be my best friend but also the most selfless woman I know. We are so lucky to have some suppliers come on board to donate their time and their products. @banginhangins and @poppiesforgrace I cant thank you guys enough <3

Danielle and I organised the venue, the brands, the suppliers, and the models who were absolute troopers as it was 42 degrees in Melbourne the day of the show, and we were all struggling. Thank you to everyone involved! Another successful runway show with some of the best people i know.