I had the pleasure of working with a long time Facebook friend  ( who I hadn't met IRL until we worked together on this project).  
Kylie who has been in the industry forever as a successful model and now successful MUA, has created her own line of face masks. 

We created these images for her website and socials,  Isn't her packing and vibe just sah fab?

For those who know me,  you know that I'm so not a skincare girl, or cosmetic girl, I'm barely a girl.  I like minimal on my skin, mostly because when I put things on it, I break out, and also, lack of knowledge.  When I'm feeling really fancy, I will pop on a very muted gold eyeshadow, because its not as obvious that I don't know what I'm doing, but I still sparkle!

Anyway, point is... I have fallen involve with these masks !!!    They are so easy to apply, and rinse off, and most importantly, I don't break out!  My skin has never felt so soft and so clean. 
I use my hydra punch mask weekly with nothing else and my skin feels so soft!   Thanks Kylie for creating such a fab product with AWESOME packaging! 

Its so much more fun to do a mask with a girlfriend,  So I invited barbie over!